Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn Care Maintenance

Aeration - All Jobs Landscaping


Aeration is essential for maintaining ultimate lawn health. It is a simple technique that involves “coring” or extracting plugs of soil using aeration. The holes made during aeration facilitate the flow of oxygen into the root system, thus allowing the root system to breathe. This simple technique is often referred to as the “secret weapon” of maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Lawn Mowing - All Jobs Landscaping

Lawn Mowing

Take care of your lawn with consistent and professional lawn mowing services. At Alljobs, we maintain the highest quality lawn mowers and equipment to get the job done right and in a timely fashion. We provide a variety of lawn mowing schedule options to fit every unique lawn and client. In addition, Alljobs is on top of all latest irrigation and watering systems. Alljobs gives our clients educated advice on all lawn care aspects.

Power Raking

Power raking is the removal of excessive thatch (the accumulation of dead and decomposing grass plants) and unwanted moss. There are multiple benefits to power raking, including the increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers, watering and pest controls and the promotion of a thicker and healthier lawn. However, one of the most imperative benefits to power raking is the removal of excess, wet moss that accumulates throughout the winter months. Power raking is a service most often completed in the early Spring and is a service that Alljobs can provide if recommended for your property.

Power Raking - All Jobs Landscaping

Fertilizing and Moss Control - All Jobs Landscaping

Fertilizing and Moss Control

At Alljobs, we are committed to using cutting edge, eco-friendly products that will be effective yet safe for you and your lawn.

Most commonly applied after aeration, fertilization is a fundamental process that allows the benefits of aeration to develop and, more importantly, last throughout the Winter months. Moss control is yet another essential part of a healthy lawn. Living in the wet climate of the North West, moss is a common problem for our clients. Ask about moss control packages to keep your lawn beautiful and health year round.

Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming

Pruning is an imperative task yet one that requires a combination of skill, experience and education. Alljobs has a certified arborist with 25 years of experience on staff. In addition to pruning, the use of high-powered machines to trim your hedge can be extremely dangerous. Alljobs makes it a priority to have the highest quality and maintained equipment to do the job as safely as possible. Safety is always a priority at Alljobs and we want to assure you that skilled professionals with extensive experience preform these tasks.

Tree Pruning and Hedge Trimming - All Jobs Landscaping

Power Washing - All Jobs Landscaping

Power Washing

Maintaining a property goes beyond pure landscaping alterations. If you have concrete or another stubborn surface that is hard to clean, power washing could be the solution for you. Alljobs professionals have the proper equipment and power washing tools to complete the job efficiently and properly.

Yard Clean Up

In addition to lawn mowing, tree pruning and planting, yard clean up is also a service provided by Alljobs. Whether it be a full over-hall of rubbish removal or simple on-going yard clean up, Alljobs know this is an important aspect of landscape maintenance.

Yard Clean Up - All Jobs Landscaping